Introducing a gramatical incorrectness

Alas, i have done what i said i would not for so many years and have joined the phenomena known as blogging. While i don’t want to do this just to join every other sap on the internet trying desperately for something interesting to say, i do need a medium to share info about bouldering trips, venues and possibly some info on kit.

And so slowly but surely i plan to explore the world, two weeks at a time, documenting every journey, story and life endangering experience along the way. I’ll even try and publish some of my older trip reports so you can see some of my previous tales from over the last few years. Feel free to check back for updates!

2 thoughts on “Introducing a gramatical incorrectness”

  1. Welcome, Pete! i have just subscribed to this, i am expecting good things from you. i would offer you a place to stay when you come to America but the highest elevation above sea level around here is 305′, no good for you! look forward to your updates!

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