Slate excursions

As my flatmate picks holes in my grammar, it occurs to me that today has actually been too good for me to care. It’s not often i see old friends from uni, and yet today i’ve had the pleasure of climbing with two of them within an hour from my house. Despite my natural desire to head up the pass and hit the growing list of projects i have, i was persuaded to head out to Rainbow Slab and second some trad routes!

Even writing that fills me with a little dread, so i’m quite pleased at the fact that i managed to follow up Bella Lugosi is Dead E1 5b without too much trouble, followed by the beginning of Poetry Pink E5 6a (it’s not, it’s harder) before realising that enough was enough and i was bound for the smaller and steeper challenges that rock can throw at you. The lads continued without me, after i’d taken some rather snappy shots, and carried on with Pull My Daisy E2 5c, topping off a great day for them.

Sometimes it’s good to do something a little different, and today was one of them. Tomorrow shall return to the status quo but for the time being, despite my achievements being rather tame, i feel rather pleased with myself.


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