12 hours at the office

My fingers hurt. Quite a bit actually, although it’s not really a surprise when you consider my day. Much as it was against my better judgement, i was persuaded to get up at 9am on my day off to go and meet my old uni friends at the Cromlech boulders, arriving at about 9:30. I got home after having dropped Lucy off at the Pen Y Gwyrd at 9:45pm and have been climbing pretty much all day.

So a good solid 12 hour day out bouldering is probably exactly what i needed. We started at the Cromlech roadside face for a bit of a warm up (although i did find a couple of problems i haven’t done, but they are high, scary and sharp) before missing out on my little V8+ traverse project because there was a mini parked in the bloody way and headed down to Browns Crack (cue stupid jokes please).

Before too long, we headed down to the famous Jerrys Roof V9. For the uninitiated, this is a very steep boulder problem in the Llanberis Pass, which is supremely hard. I’ve worked the middle section a bit before and today managed to get the start wired, which is great progress if i’m honest. We stayed for a while, not too long, and headed up to the Utopia boulder on the opposite side of the pass below Cwrn Las.

Lucy sailing up Problem 3 at the Cwm Dyli Boulders
Me on, erm, Pete's Wall V3 at the Cwm Dyli Boulders

I never really make it any further, and can’t say i’ve really climbed on the Wavelength, Pieshop or other boulders above in the valley, but i have been working a project there for about 6 months; a long traverse starting at the bottom right and working around the bottom of the boulder before finishing up the final V5 problem at the end. For those in the pass that day, it was me that let out the ear-splitting scream purely out of frustration as a once again feel from the last hold.

After a quick bite to eat at home, and a rendezvous with Lucy, we headed back out again, this time to the Cwm Dyli boulders. It is at this point that i must declare i have fallen in love. It’s certainly an unrequited love affair… mainly as rocks don’t carry with them that emotion. I soon found that the Moose’s Boulder has the best landing you could imagine, is the perfect height, and is almost completely secluded. As such, i’m not going to tell you anymore than that – it deserves a little effort to get there.

So exhausted, i retire to bed, ready for work in the morning and ready to hit the boulders once again afterwards! It’s not quite 12 hours straight bouldering, but close enough and it’ll all be worth it once i get to Italia.


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