Nippletastic Thigh Squeeze V4

A mere 24 hours after my epic day and i’ve been out again, this time at the RAC boulders after work. As i write, my housemate is trying to persuade me to write lots of rude words on this entry, such as clench-age, shaft and strain and so this may come across a bit weird but never mind.

It’s all part of my get-mildly-stronger-than-a-big-wet-fish-before-Italy plan, and it seems to be working, as tonight i managed the Pump Traverse V4 before lapping the first pumpy section about half a dozen times. Meanwhile, Lucy was hard at work ticking off some more V0s and V1s, and exploring a lovely little venue within an hour of her house.

The name of tonights post stems from a little problem i found that isn’t in the guide between The Ramp and Marsh Arete. It involves (and i’ll keep this short) a sidepull left hand, mono right, with a heel hook on the right foot and as you pull up, squeeze the arete with your knees to try and hold on for long enough to reach up. The top is also awful, and the first time i managed it was topless, with added nipple friction! Hence the name.

Lamenting on the epic that was yesterday while at work today, talking to customers about kit and taking stock of my life, i realised my livestock is going pretty well. It’s not often that seems to happen to me, but i’m glad it has. I suggest to you all to think about yourselves for a moment, concentrate on what’s going well, the best parts of life, and let out a little smile. It’s worth doing every now and again.


One thought on “Nippletastic Thigh Squeeze V4”

  1. Pete, this is a worryingly deep blog from you. not sure i like this side of you. keep em coming though. been promoting it for you as well. any increase in traffic?

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