A Grand Day Out

As much as i am aware of the name of this site, unfortunately this is another non-bouldering related entry, involving a lengthy walk, a poor Pub for lunch and an excellent cafe owned by a local Dutchman which was agonisingly closed. After all, it was raining at some point of the day so what else do you do?

We decided to go for a walk. Quite a substantial walk. In fact, i don’t think Lucy quite realised what she’d let herself in for when she reluctantly got ready to leave a mere half hour late. Three hours later, having left straight from the house, we arrived in Rhyd Ddu, and to my complete horror and disgust, Ty Mawr, one of the best cafes in the area, was closed. As a consequence, we decided to try an adjacent pub which had promise from the outside but quickly lost it once we stepped inside. The Cwellyn Arms certainly has potential, but on the evidence of the other day, i would not venture through it’s front doors again. (There’ll be a review on here soon).

After what was admittedly a rather nice Sticky Toffee Pudding (the only desert on the menu without a ridiculous pretentious name – this is the middle of Snowdonia, not Kensington High Street!) we set off up the Rhyd Ddu path up Snowdon, to what seemed like a chorus of “You’re heading up there now?” concerns from passing walkers, confused as to how we’d come to be going up Snowdon so late, but yet blatantly didn’t look like your average trainer-wearing, Cafe bound muppet. It took another three hours to reach the top, including a rather exposed section near the top that i had completely forgotten about, which to my mild dismay didn’t phase Lucy at all. Another two hours and we were home, glad to be back, eating food that was nicer than the pub, yet a damn site less pretentious…

It really was a grand day out, and badger me though she has, i still can’t tell Lucy how far we walked, offering feeble guesses somewhere between “quite a way” and “fucking miles!”. Again, apologies to the boulderers, but hopefully tomorrow night i’ll be back on the rock again.


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