Setting Suns

Finally a rest evening: after nearly killing myself on the bike on the Lap of Snowdon, and straining pectorals from days of bouldering, i was about to walk through the front door and relax. It was a nice feeling, knowing that all that awaited me was a cold beer and a comfy chair with my name on it. So imagine, if you will, my expression when i was confronted with an excited housemate almost bounding Tigger-style up and down saying, “So what we doing tonight?”

That’s the problem with having a reputation for being always on the go – it’s hard to get away from some days. I said no to more bouldering, as my body just couldn’t take it, and we agreed not to go to the pub through a distinct lack of funds. I suggested a walk, but Rich wasn’t keen. Finally, i said, “About the only thing i’m willing to do is some easy lead climbing on Tryfan Fach…”

About an hour later and i was on lead, a situation that normally fills me with dread, on a nice well-protected Mod, after having made a tour of Llanberis to find a harness and chalk bag. It was a glorious evening, despite the cold, and i lead a little over fifty metres before bringing Rich up. We quickly ran down and started up the classic Diff Little Tryfan Arete.

Half way up and running out of quickdraws, i decided not to run the whole climb out in one pitch, and set up a belay. When Rich caught me up, he lead through, and i proceded to sit through the sunset, as the temperature began to plummet. It wouldn’t have been that bad if it wasn’t that my Rab Photon Hoody was still at the bottom…

Walking back to the car, we both thought on about how much we love living here, climbing after work on a whim, and generally just being able to get out and do what we want to do, when we want to do it. Okay, it’s not always perfect, and the weather is often wet (not enough for paddling, yet too much for climbing, somewhat annoyingly) but i suppose that’s what makes evenings like this all the better.


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