Possibly the best point of working in Capel Curig and living in Llanberis is the fact that i can stop off in the Pass on the way home. This does, however, come with it’s downsides. Every night this week i’ve been hitting the rock, mainly at the Cromlech Roadside and Jerry’s Roof and i’m beginning to feel the strain; my body aches, my skin is very thin and generally, i’m in mild ammounts of pain! Still, if this is what it takes to train for Italy, then so be it. Most of these evenings have been alone, and with the exception of finally ticking The Blunt V4 which has long eluded me being such an amenable grade, i haven’t really got anything done. The first six moves of Jerrys are under my belt but again, this is insignificant compared to the strength gain. Fitness and endurance are improving, and i can feel like i’m getting ready for the trip.


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