London Calling

Okay, so i’ve been a bit slack in terms of posting anything on my blog. In fact, in recent weeks, you’ve missed out on my eventual ascent of Utopia Traverse into Left Hand at V7 after 10 months of effort (i have written an article about it, which should appear soon), a quick ascent of a tricky V7 in the Brenin which doesn’t sound like much, but took a little lateral thinking during my training, and a speedy success on Left Wall Traverse V8 at the Cave of Justice. I”ve also had some visitors, cooked some local cuisine (shoulder of Welsh Lamb with Honey and Rosemary glaze, leeks, carrots and roast potatoes for those interested), and been for a walk over Glyder Fach and Glyder Fawr in a horrible drizzly shit. At least now you can see why i’ve not been writing!

And now the time has finally come, and i am not in the village. I left at 5pm last night, almost straight from work, and after a brief stop in Birmingham, made it to London at about 3am. On the journey, i managed to figure out some pieces of advice which may be helpful:

1. Stopping on long journeys is not always beneficial, as you can struggle after a long rest.

2. Directions are only any good if they haven’t closed a section of your route!

3. The A1 isn’t that easy to follow despite the fact that it is the A1.

4. Finding your way through Central London is stressful, but not really conducive with the relaxing effect of smoking…

So today, we’ve spent most of the day cruising London, visiting Dalston, Monument, London Bridge, Brick Lane and Mile End. In many ways i’d forgotten how much i love the big City, with it’s throngs of people, hustle and bustle and shops, cafes and pubs on every road. I’ve always felt this but there’s something very magical about our capital, and i normally find it a joy to visit. It’s also a great place to catch up with old friends, and it was nice to share a bagel in Mile End Park with Marta, who i hadn’t seen for over a year.

Anyway, England’s opening World Cup match may have to wait as an early night beckons, before a 4am start to get the ferry onto the continent. Another stop, this time in Reims, will hopefully be the last before finally getting down to Italy by this time tomorrow. Or maybe that’s a little optimistic…


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