I’m Still Here

For anyone who reads this blog on a vaguely regular basis, you may have noticed a distinct lack of enthusiasm over the last few months. You may think it’s because i’ve been far too busy to post anything, but that’d be a poor excuse really. Maybe it’s because i’ve done nothing worth writing about, and while my last outdoor bouldering session involved a lot of standing around, half a dozen cigarettes and a complete lack of bouldering at the Cave, this isn’t really true either, as with the winter conditions as they have been, almost everyone round here has done something! Some of you may have even come to the conclusion that i had finally reached the demise i’ve been predicting for years, or that i’d given up on outdoor sports, but again, you’d be wrong. To be honest, i suppose the real answer is a combination of both – laziness, forgetfulness, personal crisis, and not a massive amount getting done have all conspired to a bit of a poor show on the blogging front. So here’s a rough recap since i last posted on my return from Font: Trying to refresh my memory from the photos folder on the laptop, it  seems there really wasn’t anything worth writing about in September, October or November, but the at the start of December came the snow that seemed to cripple the country and leave the village with the noise of every other house sharpening ice tools… I had a stunning day out, again walking straight from the house, up Elidir Fawr, a peak that had so far eluded me, scrambling randomly up through the slate quarries, and putting a whole in my new Arc’Teryx jacket on a barb wire fence! This really is a great, forgotten peak that should certainly be attempted by anyone local to the area. The following day involved an ice route, clibming The Ramp III 3 in Idwal. This ranks among some of my favourite routes undertaken in any conditions, and included a stunning belay against a giant ice pillar, in perfect skies. I am truly indebted

to Mike for leading me up such a fantastic ice fall and it really was a stunning day. Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to get any photos of eithe

r of these days, so i’ll leave it to your imagination on how unbelievable this day really was.

I also had a visit from Stu, on his way back to Canada. This was nearing the end of December, when the village was cut off by snow, and again we decided to walk out of the house. The idea was to head up the Llanberis path and down the Miners to the Pen Y Gwyryd to sort out Stu’s stuff before he jetted back. Things didn’t quite go to plan, though, as darkness fell shortly after we finished descending the zigzags, around the time we found Stu had no headtorch… Thankfully the full moon and snow sorted us out.

Since then, not a lot has happened really. Christmas was spent in Birmingham with parents and on my return, all that was left were some very wet hills: we went from a foot of snow to a foot of water within the space of a few days. New Years Eve was spent at the summit of Snowdon, under sub-zero conditions, followed by a long walk down to the village, which was awesome, and the third of Jan saw another freezing trip over to the Cave of Justice, a now regular haunt of mine, although the distinct lack of psyche did lead to a total of nothing getting even tried.

So 2010 seemed to fizzle to a bit of an end, but big plans are being made, so watch this space!

This was until about a week ago: Steve moved into my house. Since then, i’ve somehow racked up three Masters Swimming Sessions, several indoor bouldering nights at the Beacon and Brenin walls and a day out on the bike today round to Beddgelert, not to mention a day out on the grit last Monday at Secret Garden (post coming up soon)! My body feels sapped of all energy, but i feel i’m getting stronger, with a climbing trip to Bristol next weekend (admittedly to help my cousin move house, but two birds, one stone, all that jazz), either a Scottish or Peak trip planned with a total of five days off work, and a week in Switzerland coming up in the next two months, as well as hopefully more activity around the manor! As well as all that, only five more months till Canada…

Contemplating a busy year ahead


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