It’s the Peak’s Worst Kept Secret…

Hmm, maybe a little highball for me...

I got a phonecall (or maybe text, facebook or e-mail, it’s hard to keep track) from a friend over Sheffield. It’s surprising how often I get these calls since i’ve moved to Llanberis, “I hear you’re living in North Wales, can i come stay for the weekend?”

Not that i mind, in fact quite the opposite really, as when i’m living here alone it’s nice to see old friends, and good company. Anyway, back to our original story, and this was an old friend from Birmingham, who’d made the move to the gritstone a few months ago. Of course, i said it’s fine, mainly because i’d stayed at theirs two weeks previous, and offered to reciprocate, but that didn’t prepare me for what lay ahead: as i stopped briefly to say hello to Tom on the way down the pass, i asked how many were staying…

A few hours later, the last two walked through the door, giving a total of… ten!

Nevertheless, the kindness was once again shown on the Sunday night when i found myself in Sheffield again. This time, the weather held out, and Monday saw me and Tom sat eating breakfast at Surprise View Car Park, watching the slightest of rain on the windscreen, before deciding it wasn’t that bad and making the trek through the trees to Millstone’s Secret Garden. My project: Beachball 7a. Tom: Dick Williams 7c. For me? No success, although it was nice to have a crack on the grit for the first time in about six months! Tom? Close but no cigar too, but made slightly nicer by the appearance (and subsequent struggling attempts) of Adam Long!

Three days off this month beckon, and with it another drive over to the gritstone. More success is sure to arrive, if only because i’ll try easier things…


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