And the rain it raineth…

Today, i’m sat in a house (for which i’m eternally grateful) in Sheffield, and i’ve been pretty much sat here for three days; i am again plagued by bad weather. I’ve taken a total of five days off work, and decided to try hitting the grit again, only this time for a bit longer in an attempt to get some good grit-ticks under my belt. Saturday was stunning everywhere, and i spent most of the day staring out the door of the shop contemplating how nice this week was going to be, doing my usual trick of not checking the forecast, and deciding to go come-what-may. Yet Sunday, i awoke to the now familiar sound of cars driving in the wet.

Yesterday wasn’t so bad to begin, although everything was still  wet from the day before, so i chose to have a nice relaxed start, wait for Kela (one of the lads i’m staying with) and head out in the afternoon. We did manage to ascend the Buckstone at Stanage, albeit in trainers by the descent route, before seeing the storm coming through, and sacking it off. Glad we did really, as the heavens opened shortly after, and we were about 2 minutes from getting drowned from above…

Last weekend was spent in Bristol, helping my cousin move house. An extra day off work meant some extra time for some climbing, although the lack of quality bouldering in the area certainly reared it’s ugly head, and the Monday culminated in a trip to the Climbing Academy, again due to bad weather. Yesterday evening was spent (as this afternoon is sure to be) at the Works in Sheffield, and i’m starting to wonder if this year will be a tour of Worldwide indoor climbing centres…

The debate now rages in my head: stay, and hope for good weather tomorrow and Thursday, or sack it off and head home. Indecision may be the death of any successful climbing this week, but we must wait and see, optimism being key i think. Fingers crossed.


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