Waiting Game

It’s nearly two o’clock on Saturday night, I’ve been up since before eight this morning, and this time tomorrow? God only knows. I’m simply waiting now, staying up until my flight in around eight and a half hours, where I’ll leave Heathrow en route to Vancouver, with a five-hour lay over in Toronto. Confused? I bloody am!

I remember talking about this trip way back in September last year, and it’s been planned since Christmas at the latest. Now, to my surprised astonishment, it’s finally happening, and in many ways, i’m waiting for the wheels to fall off this particular wagon, although if they did now, it would be pretty drastic. Hopefully all will go well, with this particular blog entry an example of my attempt to try and deal with jet lag, the time zones having confused me relentlessly for weeks.

So am i excited? Well, no, if i’m honest. I go through various different levels of turmoil before a big trip like this, and excitement wore off a couple of days ago. Before and since have been the bouts of worry and stress, and now is just time to experience. Something like an hour and a half after i began this very small entry and i am about to pack up the laptop and get on with it, making the second leg of my outward journey to Heathrow. Now is the time to savour, the time to enjoy, to take it all in. The one consolation i have on this occasion is there’s plenty of time to do so…


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