Take Pride Canada

Part of the reason i cut short the last post on here was because i did not want the next passage to be a footnote. Saturday was a wet rest day, and we went Downtown… to the scenes of the rioting of Wednesday night. What we saw left a small lump in my throat.

Rioting is one of those things that i knew happened in the North American countries, but never quite believed it. When it happened, i was honestly quite shocked and appalled. It appears i wasn’t alone, and in the spirit of every cloud, and silver linings, the citizens of Vancouver decided that it was not the image they wanted for their great city. In the days following, a huge voluntary clean up operation took place, with normal people taking to the streets to sort the mess out. The store that seemed to have the most damage is known as the Bay, and it’s boarded windows soon found themselves vandalised once again; this time was tens of thousands of messages of support for the city and the authorities. A police car parked near Georgia Street also found itself a focal point, as it became plastered with sticky notes, again of support and messages of goodwill for the police and city, as well as shaming those who took the loss of the Stanley Cup too far.

The whole experience has really touched me deeply, and the reaction was by no means expected by anyone, as Simon and i have discussed since. In fact, we both agree that maybe the rioting and looting were beneficial if it brings out this character in people, and this reaction. It has not only rekindled my love of these people, but has reinforced my belief that this is a fantastic country. My hat goes off to the Canadian citizens, and to any of those who may be reading this, please take pride in the whole situation; you have really shown your true colours and shown the world of the way to act in times of difficulty.


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