Breakfast in America

I’m getting a little behind on the blog (i’m writing this in Toronto Airport, heading home…) but we’ll catch up from where i left off, which was a rest day in Vancouver. While i went into detail on the scenes around the Bay in my last post, it is worth mentioning that the day also involved getting a beer and a sandwich in Gastown, and heading to English Bay to enjoy the somewhat annoyingly nice weather over the Pacific Ocean.

The Sunday was similar, but did involved one of the activities i wanted to get done while in Canada: a day trip to the States. There had been talk of heading climbing in Washington state, to a crag called Leavenworth, but this fell through for one reason or another, and we were left with Plan A: go to Seattle. What i didn’t realise when i originally drew up the complicated plans for Plan A (which involve: go to Seattle for the day) was that Simon’s brother recently moved there, as did Victoria’s cello, so we managed to combine several birds with one stone.

The bulk of the day, while thoroughly enjoyable, was rather uneventful, as we cruised the Pike Place market, and had a gorgeous pizza and beer in a small bistro just down the road from Chris’s apartment. After deciding that we would stay, more beer flowed and films were watched, before i exchanged one sofa for a different and more comfortable one. However, it is worth mentioning how impressed i was with Seattle, and how much i would recommend it. It is primarily known for it’s coffee, and being the home of Starbucks, but there is plenty going on to entertain an excitable traveler. My main piece of advice, though, but be to head just off the water, and find a nice small bar to grab some impressive beer and some food. If you want more info on the specific places we visited, leave a message and i’ll try and find out.

In truth, we were back in Squamish on the Monday around the same time we would have been were we to have stayed in Vancouver, and we headed for the Grand Wall around Superfly. Superfly V4 is possibly the best problem in the forest, with a fantastic alternative version running out right known as Superfly Lunge V4 and a nice little slopey-rail arete on the left. There is even a tiny little problem (pictured) which while not making it into the guidebook, is almost definitely a classic of the forest; just please don’t take it with you!

Wolf Mountain said they wanted to use this shot to show to their students to demonstrate good footwork!

Sadly, the miniature boulder, while not taking too much effort, took it out of me somewhat, and a couple of strained aductor muscles left me pouting for the rest of the day as i found myself needing to rest them for the morrow. However, this wasn’t before my hidden beta-detector seemed to appear once more, as Simon showed me a fantastic V3 slab (whose name escapes me) which was quickly converted into a two move wonder. The day ended as with Simon working the stunning Baba Hari Dos V7, another rising slopey rail, before heading back to Vancouver for some more beer…


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