Modern Technology

I remember getting my first mobile phone at the tender age of 13. My dad had owned a work phone for a while, but the carphone warehouse had recently opened (well, recently become a normal high street store) and the supermarkets had yet to discover quite how lucrative this whole thing was to become. I forget the model, but do remember it was a Bosch phone, unlike the incredibly popular Phillips Savy that most people owned and somewhere at home is an old diary with an entry from the day I got it. It was big news. It was heavy, large and had a habit of turning itself on in my pocket, leading me to become paranoid about getting caught in assembly. Still, it was definitely big news.

Currently, a number of years later that adds to the fact I feel more than a little old these days, I’m sat in my car, typing on a Qwerty keyboard (something that back then I would’ve predicted would never happen) for a blog that I again never would’ve even have anticipated. I’ve got the same phone calls and text messaging I had all that time ago, only now I have e-mail, mobile internet and easy access to vast amounts of social networking: Facebook, Twitter, MSN and now, WordPress.Can this really be the extent of development in the last fifteen years? And if that be the case, can we even speculate what will occur in the subsequent decades? But that really isn’t what I want to talk about now.

So what does this mean? To be brutally honest to the majority of worpress blogs, I can’t imagine an app for Blackberry would make that much difference. I may be wrong of course, often am, but I can’t see most blog content would need to be updated on the move that often: the three blogs I noticed today when browsing the site were a photo-book for Norway, a site dedicated to football in Australia and another sport page whose exact content now escapes me, but none of which struck me as particularly necessary for instant update. The difference here is the nature of the content.

Chezdelabloc is designed, amongst other things, to highlight my many excursions on bouldering trips. While it wasn’t originally my intention it has developed to become the main focus of this site, and as such I find myself blogging on every trip. Well, almost every trip.

I’ve posted in a house in Leeds, at my parents place in Birmingham, late night in London, in airports on two continents, in my friends flat in Vancouver, on a campsite in France, and my own personal favourite: in a wet Alpine meadow in Italy. Yet, from this impressive list (considering that’s all in the space of two busy years) there is one significant place missing. There have been posts about my life in North Wales, from trips to Tryfan Bach to walking around Rhyd Ddu but they are in hindsight, after the event. What this app will allow me, I believe, is to capture the essence of the moment, predominantly on local excursions although possibly on those rare trips where I do not have my laptop. We will see on it’s success, only decided in the due course of time and from the quality of the posts, but maybe this simple app will allow to capture the incredibly short term feelings of triumph or despair, those of which that quickly disappear and whose intensities diminish with time. Maybe anyway.


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