My blog updates are often sporadic, normally prompted by something out of the ordinary like a big foreign trip, or a visit to see friends around the country somewhere. Occasionally it’s something that happens around here that’s noteworthy, like an impressive ascent or an interesting venue. As such, there has been a distinct lack of posting in the last couple of months due to the fact that, well, nothing has happened! After reading back, it’s all to do with that injury that was first mentioned two posts ago and what’s more, it’s invited some friends to visit.

However there are some bright sides to this. Shortly after my hamstring became strained, i developed a long expected problem with the other foot (which i won’t go in to), timing themselves nicely, as if you’re going to rest one injury, you might as well be resting two! I had carried on climbing, trying to restrict myself to the easier climbs but inevitably pushing it a little too far, so early in November, i sacked it off altogether and haven’t climbed since. Instead, i devoted my time to swimming, managing three sessions a week and getting stronger, faster and better. Granted i’d get the occasional tweak but all in all, it wouldn’t cause any problems so i continued. I was even super-psyched to fit in a long-course session in Liverpool’s 50m pool on a Wednesday night in between my usual two weekday swims. Alas, feeling pretty exhausted on Thursday evening, i found myself in a mildly familiar situation where i knew i should rest but didn’t, and after a poorly executed dive, i managed to hurt my back a little. Still, two injuries might as well be three…

There is another advantage to having some time off though. If i’m truly honest, i’d lost my psyche for climbing recently, finding it was more something i did through habit than desire. Don’t get me wrong, i’ve really enjoyed all of my trips this year (how could you not enjoy Canada or Sweden!) but climbing around here just didn’t really have the same buzz as it should. So a two month break was probably ideal. I think this happens with me periodically, and the last break i had from climbing lasted about two years, but this seems a bit shorter and less intense, the need for change not quite as drastic on this occasion.

This week, though, the new Reel Rock Tour DVD came out. It really is incredible, and suddenly, i’ve found my psyche coming back. I’ll give it till after Christmas but next year, i’m expecting to be keen to climb again. I’ve another trip planned to Scotland in January to do some work with SARDA but slowly, i can see myself getting back into it. We’ll see how it goes.


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