Bleus en Bleau

Ah, the joys of the enforced rest day: I’m currently sat in a tent in my usual spot at La Musadiere; a campsite near Milly la Foret in my home away from home. Regular readers will be very aware of where I am, the fact that I have been here every year for the past three years saying more than I would care for in terms of visiting new places! Still, in Font I am once again, and I must admit the usual feeling of satisfaction at being back here didn’t quite kick in at first. Perhaps it had become a bit too familiar a routine of leaving work, driving through the night, arriving here and heading out to one of my favourite crags within 24 hours of getting here. Perhaps I needed something different, new and exciting to rouse me from the familiarity I had come here to forget for a while.

Alas, purse strings often speak loudest of all, and I never held any other thought than it would be great to be back here once again. In truth, within a day or two, that feeling had returned and I began to relax. Work and home troubles have been dismissed temporarily and now onto the business of climbing sandstone boulders in a venue that it turns out still holds a special place in my heart.

If I’m truly honest I can’t remember what occurred on which day, as I woke this morning and exclaimed, “It’s Saturday?!” but I do remember that so far, despite incessant drizzle and repetitive showers, we’ve managed three good climbing days, firstly at 95.2 (it dries quickly!) then at Rocher aux Sabots (we were actually heading to 91.1 because it dries quickly) and yesterday at Gorge aux Chats (mainly as it is close to the road and, erm, doesn’t take long to dry…)

This morning has put the brakes on everything as it has decided to stop piddling down and actually rain for a change, although considering the level of exhaustion we both had yesterday on getting back to the site, an enforced rest day wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world. Still, it would be nice if the rain wasn’t so loud and heavy on the tent that I could hear myself type!

We still have plenty of time, and considering the withdrawal symptoms I’ve been suffering from when not being able to get on the internet, we’ll probably head into Fontainebleau soon, where I will upload this post. The day will easily pass I imagine and hopefully the weather will improve tomorrow. It better had to be honest, as there’s only so much relaxation I can take and the French in their wisdom have decided not to open the pool unless it’s actually nice; at which point I’ll be climbing no doubt…

So there you go, the first update since god knows when and not exactly one to light up the archives. The one bright side is that in all the years I’ve been coming here, I’ve never seen it rain like this before, but that is scant consolation considering I’ve now got to go outside. Whatever it is, I think it can wait…


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