pedro’s progetto

Tonight’s plans have chopped and changed repeatedly over the last couple of days, and yet now, I find myself on an undisclosed Welsh mountainside, under an undisclosed boulder, tenaciously trying what I think is a new line, squeezed in between two existing boulder problems. It’s quite surreal, if I’m honest: one eye is on the growingly overbearing sky, the other on my tablet currently showing a popular bouldering film for inspiration. My mind is wondering if I can actually hold the handholds I’ve selected as the best of a poor crop and to be honest, my forearms and fingers are quite sure that I can’t, although the downside with a possible first ascent is there is no grade to tell me how true that may be. The upside to that is that I don’t know I can’t…

It does feel tougher than Carnage, although very different, so possibly the same grade, but obviously, until I mange to complete it (and if I’m truly honest, until I can get someone to come and confirm!) there is no way I will know for sure. Any which way, it’s hard; I can say that with enough certainty.

So the blog post is a kind of ERP, or Enforced Rest Period. In truth, I can’t see myself staying much longer but now that I have found fresh chalk on the holds, I’m definitely keen to come back very soon, just in case it is a first ascent! Next time, I’ll be much better prepared too; jeans and an icebreaker aren’t ideal but they’ll do for now, such was the spontaneity of tonight’s little session. It is nice to remember the beauty my homeland holds, considering my recent jaunt to font, and great to find some psyche to get things done closer to home. Wherever that is…


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