The Lakes have got to come from somewhere!!!

I made a promise to someone before they went away. Do i regret it? Right now, the answer would start with “erm…” but would probably still be no. I could’ve timed this a bit better perhaps but the fact is i’m glad i said it, and glad i’m keeping it.

I’m currently sat in a small cafe in Ambleside, the promise having been to take Suzanne’s tent to at least three different places while she’s in Africa. A large part of the reason i’m sat in the Apple Pie (even better than when i was here last, some seven plus years ago) is that the weather outside is about as bad as it could be. I’d planned to climb, with a backup hill-day scheduled, but both plans got washed away in the deluge i awoke to. I drove up after work last night, optimistic that the gorgeous skyline would remain after my first night of promise-keeping but even before i opened my eyes, i knew i was out of luck on this one.

Still, i’m not going to complain (or at least not any more than i already have); i really am enjoying myself, heading to places long since forgotten. There are exceptions, of course, like the National Trust campsite in Langdale now being extortionately priced for a simple site with crap showers, dirty facilities and no great appeal, but on the whole so far, it’s been good. I’ve been in to the Climber’s Shop and got myself a new hat, i’ve had a baked potato and the nicest toasted teacake i think i’ve ever eaten and while my boots and waterproofs haven’t actually made it onto the hill, i do look pretty good wandering the streets of Ambleside, which i understand is the point of buying this kit anyway…

So, the plan. After a lot of thinking, mulling, sighing and strangely frowning at myself under my tarp/drum this morning, i found some enthusiasm from somewhere and decided to combine three things together: mundane but must do jobs, old haunts for old time’s sake and some sort of outdoor activity… Indoors. So once i’ve paid and bought some sugar (one of a little list of things i’ve forgotten) i’m off to Kendal, to get a new tyre and head to the wall.

In fairness, it was pretty legendary when i lived up this way, and has apparently improved so isn’t exactly the worst plan! What’s even better is the forecast for tomorrow, keeping my enthusiasm for staying high. Hopefully it’ll mean i can get on some rock! In the meantime, some down-time is certainly not being sniffed at!


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