Swiss Psyche

It’s been a busy old week: new collie Tess has been settling in, James Bond in Skyfall just had to be seen and drinks have been had with visiting friends. That, in itself, isn’t busy but when you discover that at 6 o’clock tonight i depart for Switzerland for a week, it gets a little more complicated. 

So, not only is Tess settling in at my house, i’ve been having to arrange someone to look after her while i’m away, with all the added complications that go with that. A week after i’m back, i’m off to Cornwall, so i’ve been trying to arrange that too before i go, and lots of other bits and pieces. All this has meant the usual stress of going on a trip like this has taken a back seat but true to form, last night at 10 o’clock i still hadn’t packed…

Now, with the big Font trip in June, i found the psyche levels were low: for some reason, i wasn’t all that excited and wasn’t fired up for it like usual. Thankfully it appears that was a one off. I’m currently running through all the last minute things i need to get done and am well up for this, with my only worry that it’s gonnna either be too cold or covered in snow.

I also know well enough not to go on about exorcising the demons from the last time i was there. It’s been six years since that well-documented trip where we climbed nothing more than out of the swimming pool repeatedly and countless times since that i’ve said i’m going, only to find myself somewhere else. Couple that with my worries on the weather and i’m being cautious this time around. There are two of us going (a repeat of earlier this year; my partner in crime again being Mad Jim) and we’re driving so if it’s not great at Magic Wood, we’ll head South until we find somewhere nice. 

Nevertheless, it’s all about Swizzy, and from Calais we’re taking a beeline through Reims, Strasbourg and Zurich. if there’s wifi, you’ll doubtless here more soon


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