Gneiss Surprise

There really isn’t much to do round here once the sun goes down. Cooking is the obvious one but that only takes so long, so then what? Listen to whether Jim’s hands or his feet are cold at the moment? Chase the two mice dubbed Roger and Fabio (after the only two famous Swiss people we know: Federer and Cancellara)? Write a blog post perhaps? Either which way, the fact is it’s bloody cold out here and undoubtedly warmer in the tent so it looks like we’ll be heading to bed around 8 o’clock.
It’s easily made up for by the fact that Switzerland is undeniably magnificent in the daylight. We awoke this morning to the sound of nothing more than the roar of the river and to my utmost delight, no pitter patter on the roof of the tent. In need of food, and with rock still dripping from the deluge we drove through the night before, we went for a scout out of the boulders and a walk to the nearest town. While the town was a disappointment (it was devoid of both people and shops of any kind) the boulders looked awesome and we got back to the campsite (similarly awesome, by the way, with the exception of the lack of drinking water) with a psyche factor hitting a 3 on the minus 2 to 5 scale.
Yet we still needed food so jumped in the car and headed for, well,the first place we came across! Bottom of the road, turn left and realise you’re on the road people who haven’t bought a vignette use and it’s small and windy, only to realise just as quick that it’s actually much more fun. It even runs alongside the main road for large sections. It was a happy accident as we kept pulling over abruptly to grab another photo of white mountains, lush green fields or blue skies, and take in the majesty of this beautiful country.
Sufers was just as empty as Ferrera so we carried on until we suddenly had to slow down for a cobbled street, only to find we were in Splügen. Contrary to my previous visit, everyone was very pleasant, incredibly helpful and quite pleased to see us; although that may just be an indication of our state of mind having come here in November…
So far, so good then! Assuming it’s dried up a bit, we’ll be hitting the boulders tomorrow, nice and early. Then the real fun will start.


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