Cold Conversation

The following is a transcript from a conversation I had with a friend last night, just before going to sleep. Some of the replies I received have not been included

      Okay, so it’s 9pm and it’s -5C outside…


      The gas with the jetboil is too cold to boil the water in less than 10 minutes


    And I’ve just put a PS bib on just to go to bed

Reply: You complaining sir?

      Hell fucking yeah!


      I wrote pedro on the frost on the side of the tent and now it’s frozen solid and won’t come off…


      The stones in the car park are so frozen to the floor that when I went to kick one, I tripped up


      And jim just got really excited cause the thermometer just started to read +0C


      And we’re having a cup of tea in bed just to heat the tent up a bit


      Jim put his porridge pan to soak and not only did it freeze, the ice at the top froze the spoon to it


      It’s a perfectly clear night, so absolutely stunning (considering there’s no other lights for miles around) but does mean jim is sleeping in his down jacket…


      Even having the kettle on hasn’t thawed the frost on the inside of the tent…


    And I wouldn’t mind this at all, if we were mountaineering or ice climbing but this is a BOULDERING TRIP!!!

The reply quickly came back, “Why go switzerland this time of year then?” In truth, I’m still trying to work that one out myself…


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