I’d heard about Laura so i thought i’d go visit. Selma was just up the road, but Laura just seemed a better option; more convenient, closer to the road, just generally more appealing. I drove for an hour, through Alpine vistas and through mountain passes, it was worth it.
At first, Laura just seemed a bit rough but i guess that was probably because of the lack of visitors. With time, who knows. A nice sunny day, balmy temperatures, soon i was stripping off layers quickly, keen to make the most of it. Laura was, and probably still is i guess, a bit dirty if i’m honest; part of the appeal for some i guess. I’m not sure i liked it but after all that way, i was happy to go along with it, happy to make the most of the short time i’d got.
After about an hour, i was in need of a rest. I was still surprisingly close to the road, laid out on the bouldering pads, occasionally listening out to see if any passers by would come see what i was up to. I got up, went back to the car, and headed down to the river for a change of scenery.
This is where Laura really showed me what quality was really to be had. It was spectacular, the river really adding something to it, the water clear as the sky, running down past my feet. It was bliss and i’d rather be nowhere else at that moment.
Still, i hadn’t really got as much done as i’d hoped, and Laura hadn’t shown me all there was an offer, so i headed deep into the forest. It was there that i got really excited, as after a week of near-abstinence, the treasures on show were more than i could imagine. Pure quality in abundance and enough to keep even the keenest occupied for months on end. I had expected so much from Laura, yet despite a few flaws, those expectations had been met with ease. Beautiful lines, sumptuous shapes, all in a setting where no mortal man could refrain from being moved, i was pleased beyond delight. I played until sunset, fumbling in the dark towards the end, before heading back.
Laura may not as yet be well known (not nearly as much as should!) but i left feeling more than satisfied. A return journey is not just within the realms of possibility, it is most likely judging from Laura’s charms, especially as time will only allow this flower to blossom if the reputation spreads. Bless you Laura, after a tough week, you were the perfect remedy.

One thought on “Laura”

  1. Just in case you missed the link at the bottom of the post, Laura is a crag in Val Calanca, near the Swiss-Italian border. Might be worth reading it again with that little bit of extra info…

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