New Year, Same Old

So it’s 2013. Erm, yeah, it’s another year, another new beginning, all that bullshit. I mean, does writing a different number at the end of the date really make that much difference?

To me, these days, it does. Last year i started the Odd Years Climbing, Even Years Swimming initiative, meaning it’s time to dispense with the goggles, put away the speedos, and chalk up for some gurning. I would like to point out that doesn’t mean i’m stopping swimming altogether for a year but it does mean no galas, less pool-time and more rock adventures.

And with that, i find myself deep into mid-February, preparing for only my second day on rock this year… such is life i guess, at the mercy of the weather gods, who seem to have bright beaming smiles today, shining brightly through the window. I can’t rightly complain too much, the snow we received late last year and early this year very welcome, and great fun, but as i often say, life get’s in the way sometimes and it’s turned out today is my first real opportunity to get out.

The mountain crag of Sheep Pen is the destination of choice, Tess continually disturbing my typing by nudging my arm to try and persuade me to leave sooner. No joy, as Dan’s train won’t arrive in Bangor until 12:10 so a much needed blog post, another tea and some New Orleans jazz can fill the small void in the interim.

Complaints? Today, i have none; even the anticipation of getting outside today holds a special appeal. Today is one of those rare days that seems to stand separate to all those around it: the problems, moans and whinges can wait till i’m back at work. For today, hedonism reigns supreme.


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