Analysis of a Frozen Moorland

I know this is a bit late to be posting, considering I’ve been back home for half a week, and I was managing to post every day but such is life and the reasons will be revealed in due course.

So, in hindsight, the Dartmoor trip was a bit of a failure but it does take success to measure that against. If every day of the trip had been like the first, with only a couple of ticks, I probably wouldn’t have noticed but the Monday was awesome and I finally found MY Dartmoor crag: Hound Tor. The problems weren’t predominantly high and scary, I wasn’t the only one there. There was a good range of grades to go at and considering I had Tess with me, I even liked the name of the bloody place! Some 20-30 ticks in a day made me realise how poor the previous ones had been…

So I wake on the Tuesday and text Ruth back home, asking about the weather and expecting to find, as usual, that it was as grey and grim as where I was, or possibly worse. She replied with a photo of gorgeous blue skies and sunshine. Bollocks to this, I thought, I’m not staying here just to sit here alone and kill time! I’m off.

I pulled forward my visit to my cousin’s by 24 hours, checked out the pub and stopped off at Saddle Tor on the way back. After one, hard fought tick, I was pretty certain I was making the right decision. Some 8 hours later and I was back home, making plans with the people who happened to be chilling out with my housemate for the next day.

After a touch of slate climbing in Serengeti (yes, that’s one-third of the total of roped climbing sessions from last year already) I managed to lead a mutiny and drag people to Caseg Fraith for a bit of a boulder instead; after all, I was technically still on holiday! Even that was a successful day, with flash-repeats and a so-close-it’s-incredibly-frustrating almost-flash on Skunk X V6 emphasising that Dartmoor wasn’t all it was cracked up to be in February.

To add yet more credence to my analysis, today I was back at Sheep Pen, this time sending problems on the Pinch Block and most of them very quickly. That said, I have now two projects there for another fresher day. That said, with the weather like this for the past few weeks, I’d be suprised if I get out any time soon again, surely we can’t get much more of this?!


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