what’s “dog” in German again?

So,  no posts since March? There could only be two explanations: either i’ve been so busy that i had no time to blog or i’ve not done owt worth talking about. Oddly, considering this has been the best year since i moved to Cymru (Wales for the uninitiated), it’s the latter.

There was even a week off in April when plans to Spain and then Ireland both fell through and i spent a week at home doing bugger all. There have been a handful of days along the way, such as last week at the Caseg boulders where we were chased out by midge after half an hour, all following a similar pattern. And, i’ve been going through one of those slumps in psyche.

Well, all is about to change, with any luck; i’m yet again in Birmingham, waiting for a midday ferry (for a change) to take the dog South to Germany and both Ettringen then Frankenjura before meeting my old international friends from Sweden, Fredrik, and going to Zillertal – it’s all very international.

Psyche levels weren’t particularly high, possibly hidden behind nerves of taking my animal abroad for the first time, until i realised i’d be driving past Frankenjura on the way, where they flew through the roof. They’ve subsequently gone back to nervous but still, it will be good to explore some new venues en route. I’m also a bit concerned about being alone with the closest thing to English conversation being my Welsh dog, but i’m sure that’s just paranoia.

Anyway, we shall see what happens and keep you posted. If you don’t hear anything, it could be one of two reasons…


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