Monday 17th June

due to a lack of WiFi while away, this is a retrospective series of blog posts from my back-to-back trips to Germany and Austria, written at the time to give a feeling on what was happening and my state of mind. 

Monday 17th June, either 2:05pm or 3:05pm; approaching the French coast

I’ve done this crossing more times than i care to remember, annually as a child and more so in recent years, and yet today feels substantially more nerve racking than any other previous for one reason: i am alone. For the first time, there is no-one in the passenger seat either more or less trepidatious, no-one to either hold conversation or guard my things while i sleep, just me.

One last walk before getting on the boat, enjoying the Kent villages
One last walk before getting on the boat, enjoying the Kent villages

Actually, that’s not entirely accurate, in more ways than one. I was not entirely alone as i boarded the ferry, my wonderful travelling companion (and pet dog) Tess was sat on the back seat, confused and amazed at what was flashing past the window as we drove onto the Pride of Canterbury, but this did not alay any fears as much as it has generated others. In line with tradition, the sailing began with watching England and it’s white cliffs shrink into the distance, only to hear car alarms. Suddenly there was a realisation that any disturbance by my pooch would be causing a loud noise in the hold, consequently probably disturbing her further. The news that the hold is not possible to access has left me continually fretting for the two-hour voyage.

Alas, there was nothing to be done but drink my tea, wander aimlessly and try to share my views at a later date on the internet. I say at a later date as i’m not entirely sure when i will find a wifi connection next (or even how to ask for one in German come to that) so multiple posts will doubtless be uploaded simultaneously, hence the emboldened date at the top of the post.

Shortly to arrive on French soil, i will temporarily leave with the thought that i now have the rest of the day to make it to Ettringen, my first destination, and search for somewhere to stay. At least my navigator might help… Oh no, hang on…


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