Wednesday 19th June

Wednesday 19th June, 7:00pm; same Campingplatz

When it isn’t your week, it isn’t your week. A few kilometres down the road this morning, i pressed the clutch on the car and nothing happened – in laymans terms, it’s fucked. I could drive, but the clutch was permanently disengaged, meaning as long as the engine was on and the car in gear, it was trying to move. I managed to stall start where needed and change between 3rd, 4th and 5th to get me to Bayreuth and a Land Rover dealer/garage, offering me the only smile of my day: seven burly German mechanics came to help me push my car into the garage and they managed to get it working again by refilling the clutch fluid but i reckon it’s only a matter of time before i’m stranded again.

Simple photo to show ow i lost a day in Germany...
Simple photo to show ow i lost a day in Germany…

If that wasn’t enough, the campingplatz was invaded this morning by 100 loud schoolchildren, meaning poor tess is currently on her long lead, it turns out the road it’s next to is rather busy, the showers are 50c for 5 minutes and the temperature half an hour ago was 39C. And there’s lots of flies. 


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