Tuesday 25th June

due to a lack of WiFi while away, this is a retrospective series of blog posts from my back-to-back trips to Germany and Austria, written at the time to give a feeling on what was happening and my state of mind. 

Tuesday 25th June, 4:00pm; Mayrhofen still

DSCF1269We’re defying the climbing gods, and the odds, and we’re still here and managing to find some rock to climb. After a morning weather-check at the Cafe Tirol and it’s free internet and food, we headed to Ginzling and found much like yesterday, plenty of chalk-covered rock despite the overnight drizzle. Our first boulder was okay – a nice little 6c which i liked and fredrik didn’t so much, followed by a fun dyno inventively called Dynamo.

Then, to avoid walking through thick vegetated undergrowth, we decided to loop up over the top of the sector, past the other boulders, to get to our cave of choice. We had a play on some other little climbs, including a lovely compression problem called Bambi at 6c (left), before following down the hill.. Only to discover we were now on the wrong side of the thick jungle of greenery, and had it right the first time. So much for scoping it out!

DSCF1275When we finally got to the climb we wanted, we were both piss wet through, up to the thighs and after a short period of staring at each other, the climbing gods decided to bombard us from above. We weren’t there long before what was a shower before became a barrage where spotting the cimber involved getting very wet indeed. With pads and spirits drenched, we came back and spent the rest of the day playing table football and the night discussing the top 10 bouldering venues in Europe. Turns out Zillertal comes in around 7 (or 10 if you guess at those with the best reputations).

So that was today, tomorrow is set for more of the same, starting at Zillergrund; the focal crag of the area and the place which may push the Zillertall up that list. Will obviously keep you posted.


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