Wednesday 26th June

due to a lack of WiFi while away, this is a retrospective series of blog posts from my back-to-back trips to Germany and Austria, written at the time to give a feeling on what was happening and my state of mind. 

Wednesday 26th June, 11:30pm; same location

DSCF1319Zillergrund did just what we thought it would for the area: this place is really worth it’s reputation. Although it’s odd that i only noticed today but where Sundergrund and Ginzling have 30/40 boulders to chose from, Zillergrund has around 180… And that’s just the ones in the guide!

The forest hiding this multitude of treasures is very much like Magic Wood: great access along the bottom of the crags but be prepared to fight your way through some dense and tricky undergrowth to get to your chosen boulder. Assuming you can find it, that is, as the paths can be a bit tricky to follow. That said, this will only improve with traffic and that’s just what this world-class site deserves.

We began on another quick scouting mission; checking out the lines, dodging the dripping pine trees and deciding which we were tempted to try despite some damp spots. Here was enough to go at, to be fair, and we only really explored Sector Priscilla. The grades do seem a touch erratic and the climbs a little contrived and it’s worth paying very close attention to the guide here, as we noticed this evening with Economy 7a+. It’s either ridiculously over-graded or we started far too far left and we’re both thinking it’s probably the latter as most other grades seem a bit tough. Even the 7a problems seem a touch hard.

DSCF1355But we couldn’t argue with the weather today, as it got progressively better as the say wore on. In fact, everything seemed to be going right today until a little fire incident this evening, where a cross threaded fuel pump on one of the petrol stoves led to mild panic before a sodden towel managed to douse the blaze. It could’ve been really nasty so we were both a bit relieved that no-one was hurt.

Tomorrow’s forecast is good so it’ll be the obligatory internet-cuppa first thing then off to the other sector at Zillergrund to see what else is on offer. If it’s as good as today, i think we’ll be quite pleased. So far, we’re both glad we stayed, rather than running off to Germany, as not once have we said “i wish we’d gone to Frankenjura”. Sometimes it pays to have some determination, i guess. Free showers helps too..


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