So, another small hiatus, partially in truth due to poor weather conditions, partially as with the rest of the year to lack of motivation coupled with lack of time. Either which way, there has been next to no outdoor climbing activity since Sweden. In fact, for at least a month after my return, there was no climbing at all; that is until the usual winter aggregates began again.

For those uninitiated with the idea of an indoor seasonal aggregate competition, the idea is simple: over the course of (usually around) six months, various problems are stripped and set and it is your job to tick as many as you can. There are no points for first, second or third tries, no bonus holds and no time limit, other than the life span of the problem. Often there is a final at the end of the season but the only way to get there is to tick a lot of problems; it really is as simple as that.

For the last few years, i have been going to the Beacon Climbing Centre for their competition, managing to get into the final on each attempt without too much trouble. In the previous incarnation to the current, i tried my hand at having a go at the Indy aggregate too, but found two competitions too trying and failed to make a mark on the latter. This year, due to wildly varying entry fees for each session, among other things, i have found myself going to the Indy on a weekly basis, if not more. I must admit, it’s been going well.

What’s more, it’s that time of year again when i begin to think about the various trips for the year. My time off for climbing abroad in 2014 is now booked; a Font trip looking likely in March and a potential trip to Yosemite for my 30th in June (although regular readers will undoubtedly know better than to believe that at this stage). I have even booked three days for the biannual visit of Fredrik and Karin in September, with the hope of getting a few grit days in then too. All in all, it’s looking exciting on the climbing front for the coming year.

Of course, as mentioned above, anyone who has read my blog on an even vaguely regular basis will know not to take anything as gospel: my plans can have a tendency to change more than my clothes! Still, it’s good to have plans and the Font trip does seem promising. It’s not actually my trip, i’ve been invited, so fingers crossed. And for once, i’ve been in training for the longest project i have ever known: let the Carnage begin…


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