Okay, so i liked the way the last post went: chucking in a video of somewhere cool, showing the type of thing i have in mind for myself. So i wanted to keep the theme going and went onto vimeo (which seems better than You Tube for professional climbing style films in my experience) and just searched “bouldering”. As you’ll probably know, i’m a British climber, based in North Wales, travelling mostly through Europe to the best bouldering spots around, so was looking for something that would click in my head, something like a kindred spirit. I wanted something to show what i am all about.

What i found in the search results was a bit depressing: five of the top eight posts were about climbing around the states, two were about buildering in Vienna, and one random one was “the social media sobriety test” that i couldn’t tell the legitimacy of. Is this it, Europe? Okay, so there are 2,747 pages of videos when searching “bouldering” but first impressions were a bit annoying that this continent full of wonder and amazement couldn’t manage to make the first few videos.

Meanwhile, my housemate (of Stefan and Cherry fame) is struggling a little with getting the time off for his summer trip. His destination (as mentioned in the last post) is Yosemite and i was thinking of joining them. It’s reputation is as big as the walls, oft quoted as the greatest crag in the world, the best granite on the planet, the home of world climbing, etc. The thing that always makes me think is: really? Can it really live up to this enormous reputation?

I’m a bit sceptical. I’ve always said America’s greatest export is America but even so, there can barely be a climber in the world who has never heard of “The Valley”. Can it surely be this good? It’s a bit of a a problem really: believe the hype too much and it’ll never live up to it, don’t believe it enough and you won’t want to go. So i guess it’s time to watch some of the videos. Here is one of those first five, one that i’ve been quite keen to see for a while, that may help to allay some of those fears, you never know, but this is what i’m maybe heading for. Only time shall tell!


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