(Temporarily) Absent Friends

This week’s post is dedicated to my friends and colleagues, Andy and Tim (not of Stefan and Cherry fame). They currently find themselves in the Italian area of Switzerland, on a bouldering trip to the world class area, Ticino and to the best of my knowledge, it’s Andy’s first foreign climbing trip. We’ve been trying to talk him into it for ages when Tim finally achieved it and they left last Sunday with two friends, ten pairs of shoes and as many pads as they could cram into the car with them.

I’m quite jealous as i find myself in an unusual situation too: i’m rarely privy to mates going off on a trip to boulder in Europe before. I’ve had plenty who’ve gone sport climbing, Alpine ascenting or even off to the big walls, but never on a trip to the blocs. I think i probably owe them an apology, for all the unwanted advice i dispensed before they left but they’re there now. free from the sounds of my incessant ramblings and hopefully getting plenty done; i know they had plenty in mind and a little ticklist.

I’m also jealous of their chosen venue. Ticino has been on my ticklist since back in 2006 with the ill-fated three-day stint in Cresciano and my jaunt to Magic Wood in November 2012 has added to my desire to go and explore this world-famous area. Don’t get me wrong though, the green eyed monster doesn’t mean i don’t hope they have a stunning trip and i’m really keen to see their photos once they’re back next week. Chances are though it’ll be more video footage than stills though, as is the norm with Andy, and in keeping with the last couple of weeks, i’ve found a video online that gives you an idea as to what they’re up to. It’s not them but to be honest, it would be exactly what i’d have thought they’d be up to.

Either which way, i really do hope they all have a good trip, with good conditions. Check out the vid, see what you think.



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