Psyche levels have been rising in recent weeks, as i’m sure people have noticed. I’ve started training properly for the first time in my life (although please don’t read that as “started training effectively”…) and am getting out as much as possible before my Font trip. Well, getting in is more apt, given the weather but you know what i mean. Being as i’m the guy who orders the books at work, my recent enthusiasm has come out there too, as we’ve recently had a closer look at the DVD selection. The two main ones i wanted to get were Out of Sight and Welcome to the Hood, both films i’ve been glancing at every now and again for a while, and being as they both mentioned Font, they can now be found in my home collection as well as in the shop.

The logo from I Love Climbing. Please click the link to see more
The logo from I Love Climbing. Please click the link to see more

Once they’d arrived, i eagerly snatched a look. The rock, the forest, how i missed it! But then something grabbed my attention – in a funky font in the cover i saw a logo (pictured right) that said I Love Climbing. It was obviously a logo for something so, like the young people do these days, i chucked it into Google. I was more than a bit surprised with what i found.

Turns out, I Love Climbing is a Facebook style page, where people can share their photos from various places around the world, share stories or if you’re an Eastern European woman and so inclined, pose in a bikini (or not, up to you) on a rock to see how many friends you can gather. I asked Cherry (of Stefan and Cherry fame) if he’d heard of it and he was amazed that i hadn’t! So how exactly has this slipped me by?! Have i become that far out of touch with what is new in climbing now?

Discover bouldering. Please click the link for more info
Discover bouldering. Please click the link for more info

It’s not the only example either: i recently received a Facebook friend request for someone called Discover Bouldering. It took me a while to look into this but eventually i got a chance to have a good look through and found it already had nearly 1,400 friends, 24 of which were mutual, and a pretty awe inspiring website. There are sections for indoor and outdoor climbing and even some pages about North Wales bouldering, and for crags i didn’t really know about! It’s left me wondering what i’m doing on here, whether my site is any different to the others out there, that i knew nothing about, not to mention the countless more that i haven’t found yet!

So this evenings job is to include a Links tab to the top; a place where i can catalogue these useful spots and hopefully they’ll do the same for me. In the meantime, here’s a trailer for Out of Sight, it’s a pretty good film!



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