Brief hiatus

Apologies for the little hiatus for the past few weeks: it’s been quite eventful. The most noteworthy in my humble little world was getting ill – a stomach bug that forced me to take two days off work for the first time in nine years. It knocked me out for at least two days and more to the point, drained any and all energy, leaving me unable to even attempt a climbing session for at least a week.

The offending problem: topping out as i crocked my finger
The offending problem: topping out as i crocked my finger

At the same time, the tweak in my finger that i mentioned in my last post has not gone away. During a weekend trip to Birmingham, i headed down to Birmingham Bouldering Centre, my new favourite haunt when back in the city. I was aware that after being sick, my energy levels would be low and it wasn’t likely to be a great session, but all told it wasn’t that bad. As a boost to my ego slightly, someone came over to me to ask for help on a project. I had a blast, not quite flashing it, and was doing pretty well until i reached up with my right hand, my fingers opening slightly to get it as a drag, and the damaged tendon screamed at me to tell me the session was done.

It’s still not right now and it’s been three weeks. What’s more worrying is that i had a layoff with the illness and it’s not healed much. It is my own stupid fault, i knew what i was doing at the time and knew i shouldn’t. It has also put me in a difficult position: i now need to train to get strong for the summer trip that is creeping up on me but need to rest my finger to let it recover. Could be tricky and only time will tell. I’m sacking off climbing this month in favour of swimming so will see how it goes. Watch this space.


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