Viva l’Espana!

So America became India, after it was decided that a third-wheel is not ideal for the first two weeks of a honeymoon. India then turned into Thailand, until the discovery that June is the middle of their monsoon season. As such, Thailand is now Spain, after the recruiting process took a hit thanks to time and budgetary constraints. There was also a brief period of time when somewhere almost turned into South Africa but it never lasted long enough to remember where. So it’s now settled: my 30th birthday will be spent in Albarracin.

I’d originally written it off, expecting the weather to be far too hot to consider it as a sensible destination at all, until i met a friend in the pub, expressed my thoughts and was informed that conditions would be comparable to September – the month of the year that we’d been there in 2009. With people reluctant to fly half way round the world for only a week off, and others claiming poverty enough not to cover the flights to Asia, Spain seemed an obvious choice. After all, people can come and go as they see fit and i can stay for the duration! It helps it is potentially Europe’s second-best bouldering destination (in my experience and opinion) and that i’ve been itching to get back from the moment i left last time.

The only downside is this damned finger injury: it’s been rested as much as i can but will not improve. Nor can i tape it and climb, as it’s worse on open handed drags, compared to nice closed crimps. If you’re reading this and know anything at all about how to magically heal finger injuries in a very small amount of time, please get in touch NOW! Something drastic has to be done, as i’m really keen to get on stuff that was cool but too hard for me five years ago. If all else fails, i’ll just have to make do but i’d much rather not!

As such, there is no climbing related news this week, nothing going on. There is a new camera on the scene; an early birthday present that i doubt will leave my side for the duration of my Spanish excursion and should help to brighten up this predominantly text-orientated blog somewhat. The image quality is excellent so expect some changes in the coming months involving colour, pictures and a generally jazzier and nicer blog than before.

On that note, i’ll sign off for another week, or possibly two if nothing happens soon. Viva l’Espana!


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