Back To Business As Usual

So after my uncharacteristic post last time, fuelled by passion, instinct and a lack of forethought, it’s back to posts as usual. For what it’s worth, i apologise for the nature of the post, and this is not the place to air such views, although i stand by what i said. Nevertheless, i hope it hasn’t put anyone off.


Now, with less than a week to go before my Annual Summer Trip, the usual stress levels are rising and falling rapidly. Various other things have also happened in my personal life in the last few weeks to add to the rising stress but with every thing that gets ticked off the list, i begin to relax a little bit more.

It’s all falling into line: flights are booked, with the added complication that i’ll be going to Birmingham on Thursday evening, to Stockholm on Friday afternoon for the wedding of my good friends Fredrik and Karin, then to Madrid on the Sunday. John is meeting me in Madrid on the Sunday, arriving half an hour after me, Mad Jim coming out next Wednesday after a job interview via Skype with academics in America. The following Sunday evening, Rich and Ryan are coming out to meet us. Everyone’s flights are booked, our hire car is done, it’s all taking shape. We’ve opted for an apartment and not camping and that is all booked and sorted. I don’t think i’ve missed owt but there is always a nagging doubt until you’re there.

The only downside is my condition: the finger still isn’t happy and the chances of hitting the dizzy heights of Font in March are highly unlikely. Three Indy sessions down this month and it’s clear that a slow and gentle warm up will be crucial to be able to climb at all. A different tact may well be necessary, with the tourist mentality being the one to hit methinks. Know you limitations and pace yourself, that’s key. But that doesn’t mean the psyche isn’t there, and i’m not itching to get out there. Two more work days then it all begins. Here’s what i’m expecting…


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