Thursday 12th June 2014

What a day to leave North Wales! Stunning blue skies, vibrant green hills and calm clear lakes act as an apt reminder that i do not have to go away and of what i have to look forward to on my return. Wherever i go in this world, it’s always nice to remember that i come back to some of Britain’s and indeed the world’s most striking mountains.

But leave i am, temporarily at least. Tess is with Ruth already, bags are packed to bursting, house checked and still doubtless has many musn’t-forget items stashed away in it’s draws and alcoves – the summer trip has begun! And with it the rising stress levels that one comes to expect of these sorts of excursions. From here, in sunny Capel Curig, to Birmingham this evening, and a night with my parents. Tomorrow, fly to Stockholm to attend the wedding of my good friends Fredrik and Karin. Then Sunday to Madrid, meeting John without too many delays and problems i hope. Tuesday will see us finally get to Albarracin, after five long years, and i am eager to see how the place has grown and evolved in that time.

Due to the nature of travelling like this and how difficult in can be to find WiFi sometimes, i’ve opted to use a technique i previously applied in Germany and Austria: posts will be dated for the day they were written and posted verbatim as and when the chance arises. This could well be daily but still, the unknown breeds suspicion and doubt with me these days; not necessarily in a bad way but you know what i mean.

So, one last day zipping jackets in the shop and tying boot laces and then off for another adventure. It was 2010 that i decided to try and spend my birthday in a different country every year. Five years later and it looks set to continue, for at least one more year. May it carry on for many more again.


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