Thursday 26th June

Retrospective Post


Thursday 26th June 2014, Albarracin, Spain

DSC02584Today was the first day we’ve been rained off from a session we actually wanted to go out for. Well, I say we, I really mean me, as after nearly two weeks, i’ve honed in on a project that I want to get – a 7b at Entre Aguas called Dos Mandingas y un Destino. A big move from a huge pocket to the lip of the roof, followed by a topout that remains untried. It could be a complete non-starter, like so many of the problems we’ve thrown ourselves at over the last two weeks but i’m hopeful of going home with something vaguely akin to the grades i’ve been accustomed to getting this year.

I am almost ready to go home too; achy, broken and tired and running on enthusiasm alone. Everyone else seems to be in the same boat – Jim said he’d finally take a rest day after eight in a row. John has done an extra two. Even Rich and Ryan, who only arrived late Sunday night, are complaining about feeling the effects of the land of sandstone roofs, and Monday was a relatively easy one climbing in suits at Parking on problems we’d all practised before.

DSC02699Not that it’s been a bad trip in the slightest! I’d been itching to get back here for a long time and this was a great opportunity. It’s been a touch hot, granted but we’ve accommodated as best we can and there is a limit to sensible venues when you’re restricted to a trip in the back end of June. It’ll probably evolve into a one week trip in June with two weeks in either March or September one day.

There are still plenty of areas we haven’t been as well, so plenty of reason to come back. Some of these have been through seasonal restrictions (unavoidable) and some through lethargy due to geography (pretty much unavoidable) but even with this, we have had a good punt at checking out as much as possible given the circumstances. Arastradero has had a few good sessions, La Fuente a couple as well, Parking has almost been saturated in terms of what’s left to do. We’ve also visited Entre Aguas, Techos and Cabrerizo, the latter two on multiple occasions. That means we’ve hit about half of what’s available here.

And while the grade list hasn’t been huge, on Tuesday night I did manage the one problem I wanted while I was here: Techo don Pepo 7a at Cabrerizo which can be seen at the top of this page. I’ve ticked a few 7as (which looks a lot better than saying some V6s, a point we were discussing yesterday) and considering the circumstances, can go home a happy man. And there are still three more climbing days left…




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