100 posts

WordPress flagged up to me that i’ve managed to get to the milestone of 100 blog posts during the last few weeks, although i was in the middle of publishing tales of my Spanish exploits at the time so instead of doing a big thing on the actual 100th post proper, here it is: this is my 104th blog post!

For anyone who has read them all: i do worry about you sometimes! But i do feel i owe you, and indeed any reader, regular or otherwise, a gesture of thanks. There is a satisfying feeling when you look at the statistics and find that you have a bit of a peak of readers, and without you, it would be pretty pointless writing anything. Thanks also go to those few who have commented over the years and i hope more of you comment in future to add direction and tell me where i’m going wrong (and preferably, where i’m going right!).

The original idea stemmed from working in the shop and offering advice on Fontainebleau. After writing the same information time and again on scraps of paper, i decided to make life easier and get a website to give them instead. It then occurred that i could carry this on for all the foreign destinations i’ve visited. Some four years later and it’s improved a bit, there are more destinations, a links page, the occasional article – you can see it all for yourself really but it’s a LONG way off from being the finished article. The format needs to change, more photos need to go up and i need to keep writing the content. In fact, if you can think of any suggestions or have any feedback, i’d love to hear it. Post below or e-mail me at chezdelabloc@gmail.com

In the mean time i’m writing more content, improving the destinations pages, adding and adjusting as i can and most importantly, getting away as much as i can! Thanks again for reading, please post a comment below to let me know how i’m getting on (and that i’m not just talking to myself) and here’s to the next milestone!



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