Unabated Action

The training continues as i try to recover some of the strength i had back in the Spring and it’s taking it’s time. That may sound a little obvious but it’s only in the last week that i’ve come to realise quite how much of a step back i’ve taken due to the various injuries that have been well documented recently. Since Simon’s departure to London and on to Germany, i’ve made it down to the Indy twice – once for a “training” session and once for a “climbing” session. Both went surprisingly well and i hadn’t seemed to had lost too much, sailing up various problems and managing almost the same campus routine from earlier in the year.

It was once i touched rock that the grim realisation of the hard work i’m facing really hit home. While working in Capel on Saturday, a familiar voice called across the shop to me: “Pete! Remember me? It’s Becky from Snow and Rock!”. We had a good catch up, a bit of a chin wag and exchanged numbers to go bouldering the following day. With a poor forecast, the cave beckoned. I wasn’t really that phased though – while the cave intimidated me back in the day, even now i know there’s stuff i can do and with the recent ticklist to have a play at, there’s always a project wherever i end up.

I’d have been quite happy to try and finish off Clever Beaver V6 after recent attempts with my Canadian companion but with a gloomy sky looming overhead and the exit being out in the open, i opted to skip it and look for the next one on the list. Parisella’s being what it is, the next unticked line was Left Wall High at the heady grade of V9. I gulped, sure i would struggle, if get anywhere at all but even so, one sure fire way to improve is to try things you’re finding too hard so i gave it a punt.

I failed, unsurprisingly, but it was the nature of it that struck me. It wasn’t the crux that spat me off, or in fact any of Left Wall High per ce but the starting moves to Left Wall Traverse V8 – a route i’ve already done, albeit only once. Try as i might, i could not find the sequence that worked before, or indeed any other sequence that could work for me and more worryingly, lacked energy and strength after a very short period of time. I suspect last time, i relied on good form to get through. Now, that’s definitely not an option.

So the long road back continues. I’ll most probably manage another session tomorrow night, probably indoors again, maybe with a view to pushing the time limit a little more. After so much effort to finally get to heady heights, it looks like every step will have to be repeated. Time to get on it either which way.


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