Updated Hiatus

Erm, yeah, moving in the right direction? Perhaps not. Shortly after this success, i felt a tweak in my right arm again, during a session at the Indy. I was drinking tea at the time; something i’d never thought of as dangerous before. Time to take a break.

I have no idea what i’ve done to deserve such a year, with the list of injuries now including a finger, an ankle, a hamstring and an upper-arm muscle that i haven’t bothered to research. The best conclusion i have reached is that my attempts to regain some strength have been too intense, causing something else to complain, some other part of me to throw a hissy fit and for me to have to start all over again. So the theory was to improve general fitness, rehabilitate properly and allow my body time to get used to the fact that it’s going to have to start doing something useful again. In short, time to get back in the pool.

While i’m well into my bouldering, and have been for many years, for the past three or four i’ve been swimming for a club. I’ve participated in galas and generally train two or three times a week. Due to various reasons, mainly the injuries that have been extensively documented on here, i’ve not been swimming since May. So i figured this was the time to get back into it – after all, there’s only so much damage you can do to yourself by dragging body parts through water. It helps that i really enjoy it too, and have missed it for the past few months.

So no more bouldering for the foreseeable future. In October or November, i intend to get back into it, training indoors mainly and trying to get back to the standards i set back in March. Then next year, I’ll be booking a trip, probably to Germany or the Alps, as a bookend with a goal in mind. It’d be nice to have something to measure this success by but in the meantime it’s time to don swimming hat and goggles and get all of me back up to scratch.


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