So i said in my last post, I’m taking a break from climbing for a few months, concentrating on getting my general fitness back on track before beginning a winter of hard training. So far so good, I’m swimming twice a week, looking good, feeling good and am looking like I’ll be well at up to get back on the campus boards and fingerboards come November time. The issue at hand: what an i going to be training for?
So I got in touch with the crew from back in March, see if they’re keen for a repeat, somewhere new and i’m psyched to check out some German rock, maybe Pfalz, in the West. The response: “I’d be well up for another font trip”…
Ugh, i thought, I’ve done font to death over the last decade, i want somewhere new! Still, considering that trip was the best I’ve had, and the subsequent Spanish trip in June was similarly good because of the people there, I put on a brave face and agreed.
As I thought about it more, I realised this could be a new beginning for a more familiar place. Assuming a similar crop of chaps, there would be little need to revisit tourist hotspots and i could check out new crags, new places, new adventures without having to spend a day wasted at L’elephant again. There is so much there, so many classics that I’ve never seen, it could still present a trip to somewhere new while having an air of familiarity to make life easier.
My parents are having a similar conundrum. They’ve been hesitant to cross the channel on recent years and have suddenly decided to go for it, with my mum asking my advice. I remarked it would be perfect – the three of us toured France annually when I was young and a trip to Brittany would have the good balance of adventure and experience for them. Maybe I’m in the same boat, so to speak.
And it gives me something to aim at, which I’ve found is crucial to my sanity. A short term break is fine but I need things in my future to aim at. And I’ve just bought another guidebook too…


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