Recovery Continues

Alas, the weather has now turned a bit damp, meaning any outdoor excursions are unlikely. The nights have now drawn in too, with the clocks going back, meaning that after work sessions are out too, save for an unlikely combination of a keen crew and a rook of lanterns and headtorches.

But while that all sounds a bit of a killer for any enthusiasm, it is far from it – a lack of pressure to prove myself on rock is allowing me to train and recover indoors, with the annual Indy Aggregate series. I’ve got some climbing partners, and a little competition this year, notably Ryan from this year’s Font and Albarracin trips, who is climbing strong and hard and giving me a much needed run for my money.

The competition has also served to distract me from my last issue; namely overtraining too soon by getting on the campus and fingerboards. I haven’t touched them yet and it looks like it may be a few more weeks until i do, with more new problems to project in the mean time. Some harder problems have fallen, giving me a bit of a boost, which i’m hoping is a sign of getting back to my best.

And of course, there is the all important goal at the end of the winter in the shape of a Font trip in March. While i’ve nothing in particular to sit under this time, it does give me something to aim for; a crucial aspect in my recovery. Potential grit trips over the coming months may add to this to focus me as well.

The downside is that posts may be a bit thin on the ground for a while – news that a yellow 7b has fallen don’t quite have the same newsworthiness as an outdoor problem. Time to get back into posting various articles, videos and other such malarky possibly, or work on the other pages on the site. Keep in touch in the meantime though


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