Wet Grit Again

This weekend was supposed to be a good old grit trip to clear the cobwebs before starting my new job. By 10 o’clock last night, i was just glad to be off the road. After being detoured by the second crash i’d seen, watched the wipers going full tilt for a good 40 minutes and several occurences of aquaplaning and the Traction Control light coming on, the only thing i could think was “what the fuck am i doing?!”.

Needless to say i awoke this morning to the sound of cars driving down wet roads and instantly realised that any optimistic hope of getting out on rock was clearly out the window. Still, i’m out of the village for a couple of days and catching up with old mates, about to go to the Works for an indoor session. I’ll meet up with an old friend from Wales too, Vicky Foxy, so it’s not all doom and gloom. And there’s an optimistic forecast to follow, and a rugby match to watch this afternoon…

This isn’t anything new, i’ve been here like this before; so much so that the lads have started to decide that i’m the bad omen that brings the bad weather. Well, nuts to them, last weekend was good at least!


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