Tactical Retreat from my Tactical Retreat

I’m going home. No offence to the lads, it’a been great seeing everyone again but i said last night (after hearing repeatedly that it’s quite pleasant back in Wales) that if the roads are wet when i get up, then i’m off and with water dripping from the washing line, i can’t help but feel if i stay because of a good forecast, i’ll end up thinking “what the fuck am i STILL doing here?!” tomorrow morning.

The car hasn’t moved since i got here, as we walked to the Works yesterday afternoon, and Tess could do with a bit more room to roam than in the middle of the city. The only question is whether i make use of the abundance of life here and go Christmas shopping before i head back. To be honest, i’m not sure i can even be arsed with that.

To be honest, there isn’t anything else to say, such is the nature of the last 48 hours but maybe that’s not a bad thing. The main reason to get away was to get away and i’ve had a good weekend, despite not doing anything i’d hoped. Half the reason for ever leaving home is to appreciate home a bit more and i’ve certainly done that. Tom’s house is the equivalent of what Jonny Dawes and Paul Pritchard were doing in the 80s – heating never on, just enough second hand furniture to get by, next to nothing in the kitchen, certainly not enough to make a nice Sunday roast. After being cold the night before, i went to bed last night with my watch by my side to measure the temperature and woke finding it to be 15C. That’s not cold! and maybe i’m getting soft in my old age and missing sitting in front of the fire in my nice cosy house. I certainly won’t mind going back to it!

So yes, i’m heading West across the Pennines until i get back to the mountains. Hopefully tomorrow will be nice and i can get out on some Welsh boulders, or even go and scout out some new ones that have been suggested. Either which way, it’ll be good to be home.


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