Operation Bowldr Newydd

I’ve found a new boulder! It doesn’t seem like it’s gonna be much, maybe five lines at a push and i don’t think any of them will be three-star classics but still, it’s a new boulder, some new potential and there may be some more in the near vicinity. That and it’s a new experience for me, cleaning off a boulder from all of it’s moss, clearing the bottom from the endless stack of rubble and rubbish, finding out if this is a waste of time.

Looking at the one side, it appears i’m not the first to stumble across this little block – the holds being substantially cleaner than the surrounding rock. That said, my knowledge of geology isn’t great and it’s all very possible that i am indeed the first, and that particular face just doesn’t lend itself to moss-growing. Either way, the first stage is to make it climbable, then climb it, then investigate. Even if they have been done, at least they might see some traffic after all this time.

Needless to say i’m keeping the location of said boulder a closely guarded secret, with a select few knowing the exact spot i’ll be wielding a machete and a brush for the next however long. A couple of years ago, while with Fredrik in Sweden, he mentioned a crag he’d found and started to develop. With me having more experience, he asked how many first ascents i’d put up and was shocked to find out the answer was zero. I had to explain that as a British climber, to nab a first ascent you either have to be very good, very keen, very lucky or better still, all three. To have found something, even if it’s just the possibility of being new, is more than a little exciting.

So watch this space! After my post a few weeks ago about it being wet and miserable round here, and not to expect anything good to read on here for a while, there seems to be a bit of a flurry of posts. With this latest development, it would appear that this is just the beginning…


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