Yeah, it was probably a bit naive to think i was the only person to stumble across this little block – North Wales easily has more boulderers than established boulders… Alas, i’ve spoken to John Ratcliffe at the Indy and mentioned where it was. “Ah,” he said, grabbing a bit of paper and a pen and drawing an obscure shape, “It looks a bit like this!”

My heart sank a little, i’ll be honest, but not much, i’d kinda expected this. It perked up again once he revealed that he’d found it, had a look and not bothered doing anything more. Says it all for my project! While nothing on there is likely to be that hard, it could possibly form something as part of a circuit so i’m persevering regardless of John’s lack of enthusiasm.

I did wonder this afternoon whether my comment to Fredrik (in my last post) was wrong, and if there are still firsts out there in the UK before coming to the conclusion that i’ve probably dropped into the “keen” category. It’s only been a week but that’s five hours and i’ve not pulled on any of the holds yet. And i’m having to stop myself getting distracted looking around for more!

Next week, i need a rope and a grigri to finish cleaning off the last of the moss. Then a downpour would be handy to clean off the debris. Then a dry spell to allow me to actually climb some stuff!


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