Waiting for a Deluge

The rain was heading sideways down the valley yesterday so what better way to spend a lunch hour than to don full waterproofs, grab a rope, harness (wish i’d picked a better one), grigri and brushes and head up to clean off my new boulder a bit more. What would you rather do than that eh?

In fairness, the dampness did make it a touch easier with the moss coming off with relative ease but still, i did come back looking more than a little like a drowned rat. Tess loved it though, as was to be expected and progress has been made – all the moss is now off the top of the boulder. The sides still need some attention but only little and now i could do with a huge downpour to wash the debris off a little before a nice prolonged dry spell so i can actually climb the bloody thing! Then it’s time to document, celebrate and move on. That said, moving on might come a little sooner if i’m waiting for too long.

In the meantime is the Indy Aggregate and i’m struggling to keep up. They’re now setting a new face every week and i just can’t get down often enough to be able to project the harder stuff. I was talking to Tim, having a bit of a moan about it the other day and he did say the aggregate should benefit people who turn up more and should encourage people to go more often, and i grudgingly agreed. He is right but that doesn’t make me feel any better.

What i really want to start doing is sessions on the campus and finger boards. We’ve got a set of Metolius Rock Rings at work and i had a play on their online set the other day, finding it brutal. I’ve tried writing my own but haven’t tried it yet – hopefully it’s only a fraction easier than the one i already have!

To build a bit of psyche is this wonderful video of Sasha Digiulian at Kafe Kraft. Okay, it’s probably not that wonderful but have a look anyway.


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