Fresh Eyes

It’s amazing what a fresh pair of eyes will do for you. In this case, i’ve not taken anyone with me, so i don’t mean literal fresh eyes; i suppose a fresh outlook would be more apt. Either which way, it would seem that plenty who’ve walked an unnamed wood (unnamed for first ascenting aspirational reasons) before me can’t see the wood for the trees.

I know i’m not the first to go exploring in this particular little corner of the world – partly for it’s prominence to North Wales equivalent of hustle and bustle and partly because i’ve spoken to people who tell me they have… The one thing they have in common is they’ve all reported the same news: “nothing new in there, mate!” or words to that effect.

Well something has clicked in my head recently, meaning i’m looking at things a bit differently and wow, the stuff i’m finding has the most amazing potential. A boulder here, a scar (or four) there, a knarly looking rock slab there, wherever i’m looking, i’m seeing new untapped resources. This may actually be the long term dream i’ve always craved.

Of course, it’d be easy to miss them, to give those mentioned before (and myself) some dues; every one is as green as grass, camouflaged against the overgrown surroundings, possibly only detectable with a different, fresh mindset. And of course, i may be very wrong, they may be complete dross but while it continues to leak liquid from the sky round here, there’s nothing really stopping me from going and giving them a brush to find out. I guess that’s what separates the first ascentionists from the rest. Hopefully anyway.

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